31 March 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 13


Wow, Thirteen Weeks flew by!! Last week for Genealogy Do-Over (GDO) Topics: 1) Securing research data and 2) Reviewing the journey

One word that sticks out to me on GDO week 13 is the word NOW. Thomas MacEntee writes, “Do stuff NOW. Tell your own stories NOW. Write that genealogy book NOW. Interview family members NOW.
I’ll admit that none of this is easy to do. It is easy to talk about and give advice on the topic, but many of us just tend to put it off . . . until it is too late.”

GDO starts all over again April 3, 2015 on Friday! Awesome!!

Caring for my father who is ill this week GDO 13 topics are ones I have thought a lot about. I admit juggling this blog and my father's care has not been easy. He comes first above all else. I see in just these past weeks his health goes up and down and so do I. He had a great love for genealogy and its rubbed off on me. I post weekly on Facebook , about every other day as well as Pinterest and this blog.

23 March 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 12

Week 12 Topics: 1) Sharing research and 2) Reviewing research travel options

What are, The Do’s and Don'ts of Collaborating and Sharing Research? What are some Research Travel Options? I want to"Flying Solo" on a Research Trip, what should I prepare for?

Week 12 is another great post covering these questions. Plus a BONUS: Free Webinar Recording – Family History Trippin. Click here.

Even though next week is the last week for Genealogy Do-Over's Thomas MacEntee will restart the whole series with Week 1 on Friday, April 4, 2015

Next Week: Week 13 – 27 March – 2 April 2015
Securing Research Data
Reviewing The Journey

17 March 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 11

Week 11? Already!!! I like the tree on the GDO blog post. Cool!

I know that I am way over due for my review about Crestleaf and some organizing genealogy updates. My dad's care included appointments and meetings that lasted a week and take most of my day. So, I'm doing the best I can.

Here's the Topics: 1) Reviewing Social Media Options and 2) Building a Research Network

Yes, I would as well that social media will play some part in your genealogy research. Especially for many people who can't travel distances to do research social media plays an important part.

It's another great post with awesome helpful tips and resources. This is one post that I'm mentioning to family members.

Week 12 – 20-26 March 2015
Sharing Research
Reviewing Research Travel Options

American Samoa Historic Preservation: Download Library

I shared a blog post two years ago about the American Samoa Historic Preservation Office website I came across. I liked to blog about their Download Library tab.

This is a gem of a find. The Download Library is filled with historical documents and reports, archaeology and anthropology reports, naval events and villages. You can download everything on the Download Library. Also, keep in mind what shows at the top of the page regarding your use of the information.

Here's a look:
File name, the Description, Author, Title, Year and File size. All files can be downloaded.

Here's one file I am looking at now called, A Walking Tour of  Historic Fagatoga. 

Their is much to read and discover on this Download Library. Maybe one of these files may talk about a family member, a story or an event of your village you didn’t know that may help you get one step closer to your family history. Who knows what you might discover. 

09 March 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 10

Topics: 1) Reviewing DNA Testing Options and 2) Organizing Research Materials – Digital

DNA is one apart of genealogy that I haven't done. My dad did a DNA test years back. I came across his DNA test as I was going through his genealogy. He started to pursue it then he got sick. In the future I will be looking at DNA. Nevertheless, Thomas writes a great blog about it and shares his experience and tips. 

The second topic Organizing Research Materials Digital has come across my mind over and over again as I go through my dads genealogy plus my own research. My digital is okay but as I read more on this topic I know that eventually I will have to tweek it. 

Here's the link to Genealogy Do-Over Week 10 

Next Week: Week 11 – 13-19 March 2015
Reviewing Social Media Options
Building a Research Network

02 March 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 9

Four more weeks and this Genealogy Do-Over is not really done. Thomas MacEntee is going to start off with Week 1 soon after. I can't believe its March! I know I still have to put up my Crestleaf review I'm in the process of editing it and updating my progress of organizing my dad's genealogy but everyday responsibilities come in and another day is put off. I'm working on it. I know you folks juggle things daily and weekly just like me.

Well, here is Week 9 GDO Topics: 1) Conducting Cluster Research and 2) Organizing Research Materials – Documents and Photos.

First of all, what is Cluster Research? Here's Thomas MacEntee definition, "Here is the definition of Cluster Research that I use for my own research: When you research the friends, associates and neighbors (aka F.A.N. club) who were part of the community of your direct line ancestors. Most times this means focusing on the geographical area where your ancestors lived or the locales from and to which they migrated."

Organizing Research Materials - Documents and Photos 
This is what I am working on now. Thomas shares his tips and resources. I know this is one GDO week I'm looking over again.

Next Week: Week 10 – 6-12 March 2015
Reviewing DNA Testing Options
Organizing Research Materials – Digital

23 February 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 8

Week 8 Topics: 1) Conducting Collateral Research and 2) Reviewing Offline Education Options
Also, Thomas MacEntee posted that after the GDO ends on April 3, 2015 he will be restarting with Week 1 the very next day!! Awesome!!
Here's the link to week 8.

RootsTech 2015 Videos

If you didn't get a chance to view the live sessions for Rootstech 2015 here is the link or you can click on the picture. The Syllabus is still available as well here is the link. I've been reading over the syllabus and found some great resources. 

Here's some AWESOME NEWS!!!

Looks like Rootstech 2016 in already set!!

17 February 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 7

Genealogy Do-Over Week 7 Topics: 1) Reviewing Genealogy Database Software 
and 2)  Digitizing Photos and Documents. 

I look forward to Thomas MacEntee's GDO Weekly  posts. Reality set in that we are half way through GDO. At least I can go back and read all his posts. I was looking forward to this week topics about genealogy data software program and digitizing photos. 
So, my current genealogy software program is Legacy, but I've been having problems integrating it with FamilySearch I always get a "error loading type library/dll". I've contacted Legacy, got their email, followed their instructions, researched online and still haven't figured out how to connect to FamilySearch. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay with Legacy or switch. I'm leaning on switching. 
I've digitized most of our family photos as I've been going through my dad's records. I do have a book and photos that are 11x17 to scan. However, my scanner can't fit them. So, still gotta tackle that one.
Here's the link to GDO Week 7.

10 February 2015

Rootstech 2015 Live Streaming Sessions

If you can't make RootsTech this year like me - Live Stream IT!! I plan on planting myself in front of my computer and watching the live sessions. All sessions will be on Rootstech.org  home page sessions will automatically refresh if they don't then hit your refresh button and you are good to go!!