27 January 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 4

I'm really enjoying Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do Over Posts here's Week 4

Topics: 1) Managing Projects and Tasks and 2) Tracking Searches

Thomas shares how he manages his projects on an excel program. Click here scroll down the page to see the video. I think this is a great idea. I might try something like this to help me manage my projects. Tracking your searches is something I could do better on. Here's the link to Week 4

Next Week: Week 5 – 30 January – 5 February 2015

Building a Research Toolbox
Citing Sources

21 January 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Webnair

Here is the link to Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over: A Year of Learning From Research Mistakes webnair. The video is free to view until January 28th.

Genealogy Do-Over Week 3

Boy, am I late on this one the week is almost over but I'm going to post it anyway.

Here is Week 3 Topics: 1) Tracking Research and 2) Conducting Research 

Thomas shares his old way of Tracking Research and his new way. He also shares two formats of a Genealogy Research Log that you can download and his plan to carry out his tracking. 
Next is Conducting Research. Get your notepad and pen out and read how Thomas is going to start his research. 

It's exciting for me to read how Thomas shares his experience as he does this Genealogy Do-Over. Have you read the posts of the Facebook Genealogy Do-Over page? Wow, its interesting what everyone is going through as they share their Do-Overs. I'm learning much as I read these posts and taking some ideas and applying to my own genealogy.

Next Week: Week 4 – 23-29 January 2015

Managing Projects and Tasks
Tracking Searches

10 January 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Week 2

Just finished reading Thomas MacEntee's post on Genealogy Do-Over Week 2. This coming week the topics are: 1) Setting Research Goals, 2) Conducting Self Interview, and 3) Conducting Family Interviews.  Week 2 has some great topics.  

I remember I tired two attempts to interview my dad. They both didn't go very well. I couldn't get him to sit still and he said he had things to do.  I just picked the wrong time. So, on my next attempt I thought to try a different approach. Dad wanted to make his popular chicken katsu and rice for dinner. Last minute, I thought to tag along, thinking this might be a good time to do an interview on the way to the market. Dad is always in a good mood when he is cooking. 
A few minutes on our way to the market I said, "Hey, dad I remember the other day you were talking about the sugar cane fields in Laie, did you play in the fields often?" Well, that warmed him up and he was talking away from the time we were in the car, in the market, to washing up the dishes from dinner. I was able to write down his words and in the next few days I didn't have to schedule a time or prompt a conversation he would just automatically start talking about his childhood, a family name he was researching, or his military experience and on and on. I discovered things about my dad and our family genealogy that I didn't know. 

Have a great Genealogy Do-Over Week 2. 
Here's link to the Do-Over Facebook page.

Next Week: Week 3 - 16-22 January 2015
  • Tracking Research
  • Conducting Research

06 January 2015

Organizing it All!!

I posted a blog about taking part in the Genealogy Do-Over. I wanted to do this for my Samoan family history.  In preparation for this I finally got out all of my dad's genealogy papers, notebooks, folders, binders, digital files, charts, cd's and photos. Nothing is organized!! Okay, I knew I had to organize some of his records I didn't think it would be this much. Well, maybe in his mind it was but as I'm going through it. It's a mess to me. Oh Goodness! I know I have to organize all of this.

Soooo....it looks like I will have to pull out of the Genealogy Do-Over and organize my dad's genealogy. I'd like to get his genealogy organized to work hand in hand with my records (that are organized).

I will post on this blog Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over's weekly schedule. I still want to read up on how he is doing on that. I'm still going to attend the Jan 21st webnair for the Do-Over as well and post a blog on that. And I will post my progress on organizing my dad's genealogy. Whew!!

Well, now that I'm done pulling my hair out I guess I better get to some organization!!

Genealogy Do-Over Week 1 & Progress

Here's the first week of the Genealogy Do-Over and Progress. Click on the photo below to read more.


31 December 2014

Taking Inventory!!

I've been in the process of taking inventory of my genealogy in preparation for the Genealogy Do-Over. I've fallen behind with Christmas just over and the New Year coming tomorrow. Well, I thought my inventory was fine until I went over it again. Looks like I've missed making an account of a few books, then I discovered cd's, now a stack of papers, found a package of photos....where did all this stuff come creeping out of??
Looks like I've fallen behind and not wanting to admit it. In fact, just the week before I had a family relative ask me for a family record that I have. I couldn't find it. Looked through all  my genealogy I couldn't find it. I still haven't found it? I have no idea where it went?
Looks like this inventory will take me longer then I had planned.
On top of my digital genealogy that needs help. That's probably one of my worst areas. If I see a digital record online, I download it, study it, then it gets left in my documents.
I think I need some new ideas on how to tackle my inventory. One thing at a time.

22 December 2014

Genealogy Do - Over

Since my father has been ill and not knowing where he left off in his genealogy has been frustrating for me.  He never kept a  research log. He did write down notes in notebooks, on scratch papers. He always remembered where he left off. I guess that's why he never kept a research log. He relied on his memory. Until the day that dad started to get sick (2008) I knew that I would have to start over again. I've been trying to get around it. It's just A LOT of work to start over again.

My father was the first of his brothers and sisters to put his mother's four genealogy ledger books into a genealogy software program or PAF. I indexed all four ledgers and dad did the inputting. His PAF has over 10,000 names.

We would work hand in hand on genealogy lines. I've kept logs in my own records since dad never kept his own logs. Getting back to the real reason of this Genealogy Do - Over. I don't know where my dad left off???? So, as I read Thomas MacEntee blog Announcing the Genealogy Do-Over I knew it was time to start over. I've already registered for the webnair here's the link if you are interested.

Now, my father is still ill and his time is coming soon so I will do my best in keeping up to date in posting what I've done and am doing as I go along with this "Genealogy Do Over". I very excited for this!!