03 February 2010

Take N go-your genealogy

This article entitled, "Genealogy on a stick" by Dick Eastman is so exciting I had to share it. Dick Eastman shares, ..."You can then plug the jump drive into any Windows computer, such as the one on your desk at work or at a friend's house or at a public library or at an Internet café. Using Portable Apps, you can run any or all of these programs directly from the jump drive; they do not need to be installed on the computer's hard drive. When finished, you remove the jump drive and take it with you. Best of all, your data goes with you as well. PortableApps does not write to the Windows Registry and does not leave any data behind on the computer's hard drive. As a result, your data is secure. Your data only exists on the jump drive in your pocket or purse."

This is exciting for more on this article see the link

Manuia le aso

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