03 February 2010

University of Delware has early Samoan photo's

You never knew where you find things. The University of Delware has a early collection of Samoan photo's.
George Handy Bates "... was employed by the federal government as the United States Commissioner to Samoa and Tonga in 1886, and as Special Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the U. S. at the 1889 international conference at Berlin concerning affairs in the Samoan Islands." 
These photos got me so excited! I'm just am amazed at where I find Samoan information.
Here are a few photos i will share but check out the link to view more.
Click here to view more Early Samoan Photo's

Pago Pago Bay canoes alongside U.S.S. Mohican, 1886

High Chief Asi of Apia Village, Samoa c1885-1886

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