22 April 2010

Scraps are good!

My Grandma has genealogy recorded on everything from notebooks, address books, to scraps of papers. I've found that some of her scraps of paper held vital information.
So look at those scraps of old paper they may provide clues of some kine. What appears unimportant to you today can later lead to the answer you seek. 

http://www.genealogysearch.org/free/forms.html Here is a site that has free forms for you to download.

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  1. I went through my Grandma's records again and found many other things with genealogy written on them.
    Here is a list of family mementos that may have information of your family.
    ~ Photographs
    ~ Bibles
    ~ Documents such as deeds
    ~ Letters
    ~ Applications
    ~ Scrapbooks
    ~ Newspaper clippings
    ~ Funeral cards
    ~ Account books
    ~ Diaries and journals
    ~ Baby Books
    ~ Christmas cards and address books
    ~ Greeting cards
    ~ Report cards and school diplomas
    These are but a few that may hold some clues. Be on alert of anything that will give you an idea of where you might find further information.