19 May 2010

Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I

The Samoan Islands book by Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I and II are often referred to for Samoan Genealogies. My grandmother referred to them as well in doing her Samoan research. Here is a link on Google Books that has volume one. I don't think all the pages are online but most of them are.  
The Samoa Islands Volume I


  1. Hello My name is Marlena and I am trying to find a copy of Dr Gramers book, the samoa islands: constitution, pedigrees and traditions v. 1 and hopefully find all his volums if you have one can I buy it? please email me on lenel78@gmail.com
    thank you

  2. Hi there. My name is Emmanuel and I am trying to find a copy of Dr Kramer's books. Both vol 1 and 2. Can you please email me details on where I can find it to purchase? Email is gnaloisvonmannie@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance :)

  3. Hi Marlena and Emmanuel. Apologize for a very late response. I get this question asked often. As I shared on the SGG Facebook page Samoan Genealogy Group I have been looking for a copy also. I understand the Kramer book to be out of print.
    I did find an ebook on google for 36.45 http://books.google.com/.../about/The_Samoa_Islands.html...
    I sent some inquires to people and companies but I have gotten no response back.
    The Samoa Islands, Augustin Kramer's...Books Google.com

    I hope this helps,