19 May 2010

Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I

The Samoan Islands book by Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I and II are often referred to for Samoan Genealogies. My grandmother referred to them as well in doing her Samoan research. Here is a link on Google Books that has volume one. I don't think all the pages are online but most of them are.  
The Samoa Islands Volume I


  1. Hello My name is Marlena and I am trying to find a copy of Dr Gramers book, the samoa islands: constitution, pedigrees and traditions v. 1 and hopefully find all his volums if you have one can I buy it? please email me on lenel78@gmail.com
    thank you

  2. Hi there. My name is Emmanuel and I am trying to find a copy of Dr Kramer's books. Both vol 1 and 2. Can you please email me details on where I can find it to purchase? Email is gnaloisvonmannie@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance :)

  3. Hi Marlena and Emmanuel. Apologize for a very late response. I get this question asked often. As I shared on the SGG Facebook page Samoan Genealogy Group I have been looking for a copy also. I understand the Kramer book to be out of print.
    I did find an ebook on google for 36.45 http://books.google.com/.../about/The_Samoa_Islands.html...
    I sent some inquires to people and companies but I have gotten no response back.
    The Samoa Islands, Augustin Kramer's...Books Google.com

    I hope this helps,

    1. Hi the book your requesting is in German however there are some parts of this book in English and my sister has volume 1 and 11, these were passed down too our family by our great grandfather Teo Tuvale if you need information on this you can email her and she'll be happy to photo copy the pages your looking email address is bala73@optusnet.com.au, her name is Lillian, just let her know that Patricia Ulugia gave you her contact details hope this helps

    2. Talofa posted earlier about Augustin Kramers Books volume 1 and 11 my sister who has these books is not taking emails from those looking for this as it was given to her by our great grandfather Teo Tuvale and will not be releasing any pages or information photocopied or otherwise, sister here has also asked to borrow the books for a research project Im interested in working on but to no avail she will not pass it onto me also, so goodluck for your research project and I hope you too pay it forward for those out there interested in completing Samoa Genealogical Research. sorry but like the rest of you will have to go and look elsewhere, Goodluck from one Samoan sister to those of you out there whom are wishing to keep our Cultural Identity alive Samoa mo Samoa.

  4. You might also want to try the Worldcat.org site that helps you find books close to your location. http://www.worldcat.org/