30 September 2010

Finding ancestors on Message Boards- Charles Louis Spitzenberg

Message boards bring people together to help search for ancestors but at the same time you also learn about the person they are researching, just by reading all their replies. I came across Charles Louis Spitzenberg born 18 July 1833 in Heliogoland, Germany. It intrigued me that he was a Sweden man who married a Samoan woman. A reply by Nerissa gives a history of his life. It all started when he bought a ticket on a boat. In fact I think he had 3 wives. As I read Nerissa's reply I came across a marriage of Charles to a Melea Solia who was a niece of a Maliatoa. Well, looks like I'm  related to Charles through this Maliatoa marriage. Guess you never know what you find in these message boards. It's worth sometimes just to pop and take a look. Getting back to Nerissa. She says that she has been doing research on Charles, her Great-Grandfather for five and half years. She shares more of Charles story and other inquiries as well. I don't want to tell the whole story of Charles as it is nice to see the journey all these people go through just for this one ancestor. So here is the link to read more about it.
Link to board to read the story of Charles


  1. Hello, I am a direct descendant of Charles and have been researching our family heritage for over 10 years. I have several photos including a photo of Charles in Samoa. I'd like to read the Nerissa's story of Charles but the link you've provided doesn't work.

  2. Would you share a photo you have of charles?

  3. Sorry Custodian. We didn't realize link not work. We would love to see photos of Charles in Samoa. Thank you for visiting our site. Please visit on facebook as well.