15 October 2010

BackUp is a good thing!

A week ago I was organizing some of my old genealogy paper records. In the mist of them I found a bunch of old floppy disks that contain genealogy photos, data and charts.
A lot of work and hours went into the information contained on those old floppies. I didn't want to lose all that. Chheez.... bout scared me, that I had genealogy information on these floppy disks. Since floppy's seem to be extinct now. First thing I did was, transfer my floppy disks over to Cd's.
Then went on-line to two backup sites and loaded my genealogy there. I love these on-line backup sites. They offer 2GB free storage and I like the fact of having more then one copy in a different location then my house (Incase of any natural disaster). With my genealogy on these backup sites on-line. I can access them anywhere a computer is plus it's less for me to carry.

There are many on-line backup sites to choose from. Find one that suits your needs. These are the two I use.

Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) offers 2GB free storage to start also have multiple paid options available.
Mozy (http://mozy.com/home/free) also offers 2GB storage and then option to add more through paid services.

2GB is roughly equivalent to 250,000 text emails, or 300 songs, or 250 pictures.

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