16 December 2010

From the direction of the wind

From the direction of the wind
(To tell the story from the beginning)

I became friends with a Samoan woman. She expressed how confused she was in doing her genealogy and was about to give up. As we sat and talked the problem was that she started from her ggggg grandmother.

Fa'amatagi~ To tell the story from the beginning

To start to tell your story of your Samoan Aiga. Start with you. If you prefer writing your information on a paper or download a free pedigree, or print one out.

Two forms you will need to start
Pedigree Chart-lets you list your pedigree such as your parents, grandparents and so on)
Family Group Record-lists an entire family and their information.

Next ask Aiga or relatives for information
Visit, call, write or email them.

As you fill in your Pedigree Chart and Family Group Record look for missing or incomplete information. Start with relative and find out more.

The "Key" I told this Samoan woman is to start with you and work your way back.

As she learned to start with herself and work back she wasn't so confused.

Then we visited familysearch.org which has the largest database of Samoan genealogy. We took her forms and looked at the site and began to look for her.

These are first steps for her and for you. This Samoan woman was about to give up. Fa'amatgi- Start with you and work your way back.

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