24 February 2010

Family Search is seeking help for indexing U.S. Census project are now available for Samoa 1920 Census.
Check out the link! Help index!
I've done it a few times and it's not all that bad or hard. They have lots of help and make it user friendly.
Fa'afetai lava for anything you can do!


17 February 2010

Grandma's records

I've had the opportunity to have some of my grandmother's samoan genealogy records. In all my excitement I've stayed up late many nights going over her records. I'm just so amazed at all she accomplished maybe in future blogs I will share some of her information.
Still the words go through my mind, "What was she thinking as she wrote this and recorded this entry? Did she have a system?" I wish my grandma had kept a journal of how she kept her genealogy. Why she wrote what she did.
As I go through her records I am so grateful to know my heritage through her record keeping it has been a great example for me to carry on!
Even though grandma did a lot of genealogy I've come to realize that she was not done and let much work undone!!! Maybe she wants me to carry on? Indeed I will!

12 February 2010

LDS Family History Library Catalog helps me find my great great Grandfather

I've been wanting to learn more about my great grandfather Opapo Fonoimoana. Though I have many family stories that have been told to me and I am so grateful for all of my family in sharing information. I wanted to see what I could find out on my own. So I put up a search online and came across this site http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~samoawgw/research.html Since my great grandfather was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I did see a film that interested me called, Record of members 1888-1951. I ordered this film and so happy when I came across his name and found other members of his family. In all this excitement I had known that Opapo Fonoimoana helped establish the village of Sauniatu. I then again went into the LDS Family Library Catalog
http://www.familysearch.org/eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp and found a film of the branch of Sauniatu. Here was the treasure!!! In this film the Mormon missionaries had recorded what my great grandfather Opapo had said in some meetings and recorded his actual movements around the village, the island and with the people. Wow! I'm still in the process of looking at more film and just happy for what I've found. It really put Opapo Fonoimoana in a different light for me. 

06 February 2010

LIFE magazine Samoa photos

I stumbled across old Samoa photos on LIFE magazine on accident. I was surprised at the collection they have. It was great!

03 February 2010

University of Delware has early Samoan photo's

You never knew where you find things. The University of Delware has a early collection of Samoan photo's.
George Handy Bates "... was employed by the federal government as the United States Commissioner to Samoa and Tonga in 1886, and as Special Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the U. S. at the 1889 international conference at Berlin concerning affairs in the Samoan Islands." 
These photos got me so excited! I'm just am amazed at where I find Samoan information.
Here are a few photos i will share but check out the link to view more.
Click here to view more Early Samoan Photo's

Pago Pago Bay canoes alongside U.S.S. Mohican, 1886

High Chief Asi of Apia Village, Samoa c1885-1886

Take N go-your genealogy

This article entitled, "Genealogy on a stick" by Dick Eastman is so exciting I had to share it. Dick Eastman shares, ..."You can then plug the jump drive into any Windows computer, such as the one on your desk at work or at a friend's house or at a public library or at an Internet café. Using Portable Apps, you can run any or all of these programs directly from the jump drive; they do not need to be installed on the computer's hard drive. When finished, you remove the jump drive and take it with you. Best of all, your data goes with you as well. PortableApps does not write to the Windows Registry and does not leave any data behind on the computer's hard drive. As a result, your data is secure. Your data only exists on the jump drive in your pocket or purse."

This is exciting for more on this article see the link

Manuia le aso