26 April 2010

Finding Information in Other Places

Finding Information in Other Places

Message boards is an excellent place to look for genealogy and make contact with submitters on your family line. Here are a few message boards for American and Western Samoa.

Samoa chat http://www.samoachat.com/index.php?showforum=49

Ancestry.com http://boards.ancestry.com/localities.oceania.samoa/mb.ashx

Cousin Connect http://www.cousinconnect.com/p/a/190

Help others with their research by posting a comment or an inquiry.


22 April 2010

Scraps are good!

My Grandma has genealogy recorded on everything from notebooks, address books, to scraps of papers. I've found that some of her scraps of paper held vital information.
So look at those scraps of old paper they may provide clues of some kine. What appears unimportant to you today can later lead to the answer you seek. 

http://www.genealogysearch.org/free/forms.html Here is a site that has free forms for you to download.

12 April 2010

Personal History from a photo

My dad came across a photo of Samoan Chiefs on the internet and showed it me. Just seeing the photo my father began to talk about his own childhood days, his neighbors, stories of running through the taro patches and chores in the house. I received much more of my father's personal history from one photo.
Take a few minutes out and talk to your parents or a family member about your family history today.
Here's the link to the photo