25 May 2010

"The story of Laulii, a daughter of Samoa. Giving her life, manners and customs of the islanders, peculiarities of the race, games, amusements, incidents of many kinds, and matters of interest in connection with the Samoan people. Also, a sketch of the life of Alexander A. Willis, (her husband.)"

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to live in Samoan in the days of your Grandfather or Great grandfather you need to read this book.
Laulii is in transition from old Samoa to the 1900's. She gives her life history and shares her Samoan custom.

The story of Laulii

19 May 2010

Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I

The Samoan Islands book by Dr. Augustin Kramer Volume I and II are often referred to for Samoan Genealogies. My grandmother referred to them as well in doing her Samoan research. Here is a link on Google Books that has volume one. I don't think all the pages are online but most of them are.  
The Samoa Islands Volume I

13 May 2010

Family photos


My Uncle let me borrow his scanner for a week. I've been scanning all of my dad's old photo's he got from his mother. So day and night I have been scanning and scanning!! This took me a week but its all done. I've been wanting to scan them, since they are torn and bent. These photos have been with my grandma Mataniu for so long when she passed away, my dad received them. 

During my scans I'd come across an old black and white photo. I'd ask my dad and he would go into the history of the people in the photo. I'm so amazed how a single photo tells so much in a person(s) life.

I haven't counted how many photos I've scanned, all I know is I have 40 full folders on my computer of photos. I can't wait till, me and my father go through them and talk of the genealogy and stories that go along with them.

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