23 June 2010


"Siapo, also known as tapa, is one of the oldest Samoan cultural art forms. For centuries Siapo has been passed from generation to generation. Even so, it has fast become a nearly extinct art form. Siapo is not only a decorative art, it is a symbol of Samoan culture." siapo.com

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This Siapo is from their website. 1838-1842 Mamanu. This piece was collected in 1839 on the United States Exploring Expedition visit their site to view more of the collections.

01 June 2010

Free Genealogy Programs to help start your family tree

So, you want to start building your Family Tree. Their are so many available genealogy programs to start. So, I am going to share my top four free genealogy programs.

1.My Heritage has features such as an build your family tree visually, matches your tree to others, photo tagging and media. Hertiage Website

2.Gramps is an Open Source program that includes a dashboard to monitor your progress, interactive map, detailed lists of individuals, families and more. Gramps Website

3.Geni.com is a genealogy-related social networking website. You will have to register for this site. You can collaborate with other relatives and merge family trees. Geni Website

4.Personal Ancestral File This is one of the oldest and most popular genealogy programs. It is very user friendly and great for beginners. Another great feature you may want to download as well is PAF Companion Basic. This program has a  variety of charts that is generated from your PAF program. PAF Website

These programs offer so much more then I have listed above so check out each site. These are sites I've chosen so please feel free to search for programs that you would like to use. I hope that in our busy lives we can set some "free" time aside for our own Family Genealogy Research.

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