31 July 2010

The Coming Genealogical Dark Ages

With all the genealogical information being made accessible on the Internet, some might think this is the golden age of family history. To Curt B. Witcher, however, we may be entering a new dark age where vital records and the memories of people alive today are lost forever.

"At the same time we have more (technological) ability we are losing interest and focus on keeping the thoughts and the words for future generations," Witcher said.

Witcher encouraged people to write. "Write as you never have written before."
You can read the full article by Michael De Groote published in the Mormon Times. 
We have always passed our genealogy orally through our generations. With technology these days we can preserve our Samoan Family Genealogy in many different ways. Don't let the time pass by that we don't record any of our family special stories, experiences and memories however small or big they are. They are our Family History as well.

28 July 2010

Samoa Records in FamilySearch World Miscellaneous Collections


I came across some Samoan records in FamilySearch World Miscellaneous Collections for American Samoa and Samoa. American Samoa Births, 1534-1983, 970 records,  Samoa Marriages,1662-1945, 61 records
These are just suggestions to use when looking through these collections. I only entered "Samoa" in the "Birth" Location Box and hit "Enter". Then I used the "Category Filter" on the left side to narrow my search then choosing "Births & Marriages".
Another search  I used was only entering in "Samoa" in the "Death" Location Box and hit "Enter". Again using the filter and choosing "Births & Marriages".
Last search I used was putting "Samoa" in both Location Boxes of "Birth" and "Death" and hitting "Enter" and using the filter.
You may just have to play with the filter and see what results you get.
Below are the links to the pages.
World Miscellaneous Births and Baptisms, 1534-1983

World Miscellaneous Marriages, 1662-1945

21 July 2010

Western Samoa Genealogical Information

This page is maintained by Patrick Duffy who has set up this genealogy information. Take a look at these pages that may hold some useful information in helping you find your families.
Click here for link to the page

13 July 2010

American Samoa Maps

Talofa, I was looking online for maps as I look over my genealogy records and saw that the University of Texas at Austin has a variety of American Samoa maps. Also a 1889 map of the Samoa Islands.
 Click here to get to the site

09 July 2010

A Samoan dictionary: English and Samoan, and Samoan and English

I came across this Samoan dictionary by Reverend George Pratt, printed in 1862. He was a missionary with the London Missionary Society and lived in Samoa for forty years from 1839–1879.

Samoan Dictionary by Reverend George Pratt

03 July 2010

Samoa Research Check List

This is a Check List that was put together for Samoan Genealogy Research. Check it out! It has very good leads!
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01 July 2010

Photos of Samoa

1944 Bird's eye view of Samoan village
1944 Samoan family dinner
  1944 Matson Liner in Samoa Port