15 October 2010

BackUp is a good thing!

A week ago I was organizing some of my old genealogy paper records. In the mist of them I found a bunch of old floppy disks that contain genealogy photos, data and charts.
A lot of work and hours went into the information contained on those old floppies. I didn't want to lose all that. Chheez.... bout scared me, that I had genealogy information on these floppy disks. Since floppy's seem to be extinct now. First thing I did was, transfer my floppy disks over to Cd's.
Then went on-line to two backup sites and loaded my genealogy there. I love these on-line backup sites. They offer 2GB free storage and I like the fact of having more then one copy in a different location then my house (Incase of any natural disaster). With my genealogy on these backup sites on-line. I can access them anywhere a computer is plus it's less for me to carry.

There are many on-line backup sites to choose from. Find one that suits your needs. These are the two I use.

Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) offers 2GB free storage to start also have multiple paid options available.
Mozy (http://mozy.com/home/free) also offers 2GB storage and then option to add more through paid services.

2GB is roughly equivalent to 250,000 text emails, or 300 songs, or 250 pictures.

09 October 2010

Don't Hurt to take another LOOK!

As I was going through some genealogy records. I came across some of my early years of research. These records I gathered 10years ago. It was nice to see where I was and how far I've gotten.

One record I came across caught my eye. I've had this record for 10years but when I looked at it this time. My eyes saw something different. In fact, it even helped me answer a question of a certain ancestor I am researching now.

Take some time out RE-LOOK over your records. You may see something different. Maybe even answer a question you've had of a ancestor or start a new trail.