27 January 2011

FamilySearch adds Addition of 90 Million New Online Records

 The following annoncement is from the Family Search website:
Includes 18 Million Digital Images from 13 Countries
"No doubt family history enthusiasts will have a heyday looking over the latest collection updates! The 18 million free, browsable digital images are just a sample of what should be a banner year as FamilySearch continues to plug away at digitizing its massive microfilm collection for online access. U.S. researchers will be excited to begin poring over the 3 million new digital images of U.S. naturalization records included in this update. Patrons will also find 72 million new, searchable, indexed records to search for free thanks to FamilySearch’s cadre of online volunteer indexers and agreements with Ancestry.com and findmypast.com. Findmypast.com’s index to the 1881 and 1891 England and Wales censuses and Ancestry.com’s indexes for U.S. border crossings from Canada to U.S. and Mexico to U.S. can now be searched free of charge at FamilySearch.org."
With Samoans starting to migrate to New Zealand as early as 1950's. Check out this Passenger Lists to find your ancestor. New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists, 1839-1973, images 1,446, records 144,523. I don't see this online yet, maybe soon.
Meanwhile check out this, New Zealand, Immigration Passenger Lists, 1855-1973.
Link to New Zealand Passenger List, 1855-1973

24 January 2011

Chronological History of Samoa

Janesoceania.com website shares a Chronological History Timeline of Samoa that is interesting to look at. Compare the timeline to dates in your family line. See what is going on in their lives.

22 January 2011

1930 American Samoa Census Online

March of 2010 I shared a link of 1930 Census of American Samoa. I’ve had to refer back to it this month and thought to share this link once again. Most of the names on this Census are single names. I don’t see no last names. Some of the pages are very light and hard to read. It seems that when you zoom in it does not let you see the whole image on the zoom in. On the zoom out you can see the whole image but it is too small to read.

1930 American Samoa Census

14 January 2011

Tongan/Samoan Connections

My grandmother traced our genealogy back to the Royal Tongan lines. My connection to the Royal Tongan Lines is at Pisila Ula Tuitonga she married Manulua Tapasa Tuia.

Toa of the One Samoana Website wrote an article called Samoan & Tongan (History/Connections) if you are just starting out on your genealogy and have Samoan & Tongan connections. Check this page out. It has some good information on Samoan & Tongan titles and history

Posted by Toa on March 2, 2010 on One Samoana Website

04 January 2011

Samoan Wrestling Family Tree

My nephews love wrestling so when I visited them one day they were watching it on TV. I said to them, "Eh, those wrestlers look Samoan?" They replied, "Oh, Auntie, you have to watch wrestling more."
I laughed when they told me that. BUT---I was curious about those Samoan wrestlers and who is their family. My nephews told me they are a tag team, named "The Usos" and that these two wrestlers are twin brothers that come from a Wrestling Family Tree. I said, "Wrestling Family Tree?" My nephews proudly showed me their hand drawn family tree, which I thought was cool.
Some of their family names on this tree are Maivia, Anoa'i, Fatu and Johnson.
As we looked over the names in this family tree one name was familiar in my genealogy the name Amituana'i. I have an Amituana'i in my records being born in 1600 - 1728. This name took me on a search in my records of this Amituana'i name.
Amituana'i parents are Toomata/Sumane Seigafo
Amituana'i wives       1.Tinaitaala Tuitoga
                                  2.Faaautatanu Tago
                                  3.Tuvaiotai Laumatiamanu
                                  5.Aaone Pula
This name Amituana'i is in my family line through the marriage of Tinaitaala Tuitonga.
AmiTuana'i Anoa'i on the wrestling chart must have this name handed down in his genealogy. It is not the one I am referring to above.
My nephews were so excited at what we discovered about this Amituana'i name as well as them doing genealogy even though it was all about wrestling.

Wrestling Family Tree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anoa%27i_family
(scroll down to see tree)
Samoan Dynasty http://www.wildsamoan.com/samoandynasty.htm
Pictures of the Wrestling Family.