09 January 2012

First Four Generations

To find my First Four Generations I tried to remember as much as I could of my ancestors. Then I asked my dad for help putting together the generations. With his help and my grandma's genealogy records I now have my first four generations.
In my Great Grandparents generation the birth dates and birth places vary. I may show this in a future post. Their are quite a few of submitters on these lines. So it's hard for me to establish the real date and place.
So, I still have some ways to go but at least I have my First Four Generations.

When starting your genealogy use these easy tips:
1. Start with yourself and work your way back
2. Write down what you can remember
3. GO ask a family member for help to fill in the blanks.
    They may have even done some research. Ask.
4. See what kind of records you have at home
5. Use a genealogy site to search for information.

If man cares not for his roots, then how can he care for his branches.
Doyle M. Davis

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