13 January 2012

My finds on Genealogy In Time website

On my last blog post I shared a site a family member gave me to check out called Genealogy In Time. My first find on the site was an Oral Genealogy interview that my Grandma Mataniu Fonoimoana participated in August 27, 1976 for the Salt Lake City Genealogy Project. She was interviewed by Molimau Tupa'i and is reciting the genealogy on her father's side. This interview seems to be a continuation of tape 3. Looks like I will be hunting for that one and the other interviews.
I did not know my Grandma even participated in this interview. It's an awesome find for me!!! I'm really excited!! As I looked over the interview, I see a name that hooks into my Tongan genealogy Pisila Ula Tuitoga. I actually just finished  a chart for my Tongan genealogy. I'm now at my 15th Great Grandpa who is Tanekinga'otonga. My Grandmother Mataniu kept records of her Tonga line and I'm excited to extend this chart.
Anyhow, I'm going to keep looking on this site Genealogy in Time see what else I can find. Please post and share what you find on this site.

Here is the link to the Genealogy In Time website
Here is the link of the Oral Genealogy Interview by my Grandmother Mataniu Fonoimoana

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