31 January 2012

Why did he write them all down???

I’m going through some of my dad’s genealogy work on his Samoan line. I came across two notebooks of Samoan family names. I thought, “Why did my dad write all these names
down?" Some names are familiar to me and some are not. I asked my dad about these notebooks, he doesn't remember why he wrote those names down and he never kept a journal of his daily genealogy work. Man! I wish he did!!! Now, I have these two notebooks and I am guessing and wondering?????
When I started doing genealogy I never really kept a journal of what I did that day of family history. I would just jot notes on my charts, note pads and anything I could find to write on.
So, I decided to start a genealogy journal. Not only to organize my little notes but that if any one were to come behind me they would know where I was at in my research.  This journal would include everything that I did on my family history for that day. I simply created a computer folder entitled “My Samoan Genealogy Journal” typed in the days date and a main topic for my entry and that was it. My dad has done much genealogy and I wish he kept a genealogy journal of his day to day work.
If you haven’t done already I hope that you would take the time and start a “Genealogy Journal” of your trek as you do your family history.
It can be as simple as mine. Other options are journal free ware, downloads, even apps on your phone. Your journal entry does not have to be to long, even if you just share highlights...it’s something...better then nothing.

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