16 February 2012

Mocavo is doubling their data!!

I talked about Mocavo in March 2011. I was really excited about it. I found interesting results that helped me in my research. At the 2012 Rootstech Conference Mocavo unveiled new products.  Now they announced they are doubling their data on Mocavo website.

Here is an announcement by Casey Hopkins - Community Director
Over the past few weeks, Mocavo has been working on something that is rather extraordinary, and we’re excited to bring it to light in the genealogy world. We’re determined to give you access to even more of the free genealogical Web so over the next month, we’ll be working to double–that’s right, double– the size of our index.
The last few days alone, we’ve added hundreds of new sites, and you’ll notice that per our announcement at RootsTech, Geni.com results are starting to appear in our index. Additionally, we’re “re-indexing” sites we already have in our database to weed out brokenlinks and get the freshest, most up-to-date genealogy information we can.
We’re also pleased to announce that all of your personal site submissions that you have submitted to us over the past few months are now being indexed and will be searchable on Mocavo by this evening. From today on, when you submit a suggested site to Mocavo, it’ll take a little as 6 hours to be indexed and fully searchable in the Mocavo database, making your site part of the largest and fastest growing index of free genealogy content.
So now we’d like to ask something of you, our community. Since our mission is to offer you the best data we possibly can, we’d like you to take a minute and submit any and all of your favorite genealogy sites, resources, blogs and more. The more you suggest, the better Mocavo will become. We look forward to working with all of you to continually redefine the world of family history.


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