14 February 2012

"Sau. Come, come. Sit!!"

One afternoon I came home from school and I was tired, hungry and not having much patience. My grandparents were living with us at the time. I'd always check in on them to see how they are doing. Grandpa was outside cleaning the yard. I made sure he didn't see, cause I didn't feel like working outside. Then I hear, "Eh, Larri-Anne Sau!" I thought, "Aaaww shucks! Grandma saw me!" I stood by the door,"Yes, grandma." She said, "Sau. Come, come. Sit!" I didn't want to. I wanted to go eat junk food and sleep.
My grandma had  this serious look on her face that I did not want a sasa (spanking).  I may not know all of Fa'a Samoa (The Samoan Way) but I do know that you must respect your elders. So I took my shoes off and  neatly put them outside the door and sat cross legged on the floor where grandma told me to sit. Beside her were her genealogy ledger books. She had one book already opened and she began to recite her four generations. I became quite interested as she continued to recite I asked her questions one after another. 
Today I recalled this time as I looked at her ledger books today. My father is in possession of them and I have been so grateful for the opportunity to study them and research them. 

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