15 March 2012

1940: Transportation S.S. Mariposa and the S.S. Malolo

By 1940, my grandparents were living in Laie on the island of Oahu and more Samoans were traveling from Samoa to Hawaii. In those days the only way to get to Hawai'i was by boat. My dad told me that my grandparents traveled on the S.S. Mariposa and the S.S. Malolo to Samoa.  An entry in 1940 of my Grandmother's journal she writes that her brother was traveling from Samoa to Hawaii on the ship, The Mariposa.

To  learn more about the Mariposa. Click here.
Here is a photo of the Mariposo 1940 in Western Samoa.

To learn more about the S.S. Malolo. Click here.

My dad and I watched this vintage video of the S.S. Mariposa and S.S. Malolo. Wow! These ships were beautiful! I would have loved to travel on them.

Mariposa Photo from janeresture.com 

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