22 March 2012

American Samoa Historic Preservation Office - A Genealogy Help.

I spent most of the day on this site, The American Samoa Historic Preservation Office. In their words here their Mission Statement,
" It is the responsibility of the American Samoa Historic Preservation Officer to administer the Territorial Historic Preservation Program. American Samoa's strong indigenous culture and traditional system of communal land ownership impose special conditions of cultural sensitivity upon such an endeavor. A primary concern of the ASHPO is to fulfill its responsibilities in a manner that recognizes and honors these inherent cultural conditions.
Visit the site to read more on their Mission Statement. 

Some of the things that I like on this site:
Walking Tour: Click on the Walking Tour, a map comes up and you can view old photos of certain places.

Photo Gallery: The Joseph L. Dwyer Collection 1907-1913, Lepa Church 1928 - 1931, Wayne A. Forde Collection 1940 - 1941, photo from Evan’s Brief and more.

Audio: These are very short that talk about historic and general information.

Links: Samoan, Pacific, Archaeological, Historic Preservation links. These are worth into. Always find things where you least expect it.

Publications: These articles are written by John Enright.

Cultural Organizations: Colleges, Study programs, Libraries and more.

Bibliography: Archaeology, Anthropology and history references related to Samoa. I haven’t checked yet, but you might find these on google books.

Download Library: Historic Documents, Historic Reports, Archaeology and Anthropology
Reports. I found this book, “Walking Tour of Historic Fagatogo”. Intresting. May be some genealogy gems hidden in here too.

Videos: These were nice to view. You can download them as well.

Research Tips: Questions and Contact information for institutions that hold sources of information and history of American Samoa, the American Samoa Historic Preservation Office, the Feleti Barstow Public Library, the Office of Archives and Records Management, and the American Samoa Community College Library.

I really like the Download Library. In some historic reports I learned a little more about the villages my families lived in. I have a family member born in Fagatoga so finding the, Walking Tour of Historic Fagatogo book was exciting for me. It does take some time to look and read through the library but you never know what you might find.

I would like to hear what you find.

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