04 April 2012

1940 US Census American Samoa View Online

I've started viewing the 1940 US Census for American Samoa. Indexing for American Samoa hasn't been posted yet but you can view the images online at MyHeritage.com. This is the site that I've been using.

 Click the Edit search if you want to search by County, Enumeration District or Keywords.
There are five counties: Eastern District of Tutuila, Manua. Rose Island, Swains Island and Western District of Tutuila County.

There is a advanced search button to the right top of the screen

 if you want to search by roll and/or frame. 

I've already spent most of the day on the census. I've found my Hawaiian grandparents. Now, off to find my Samoan grandparents. Let me know what you find. Post in comments below.

Other sites to view the 1940 US Census are Ancestry.com. FamilySearch has Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Virginia. Findmypast.com don't have anything online as of now, but are offering to do the searching for you.

All images used in this blog post are from the MyHeritage.com

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