09 April 2012

1940 US Census Blog - Keep Up To Date

Ever since the Samoan Genealogy Group has become a 1940 US Census Ambassador its been an exciting roller coaster ever since!! I’ve constantly checked the 1940 US Census Blog to keep updated on famous people found in the census, contests and informative posts. Make sure you visit the 1940 Blog often for these updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed, share it on your online networks and comment on the blog. It’s always great to hear from the readers.

My favorite post on the 1940 US Census Blog was by Thomas MacEntee on how he found Chuck Norris on the 1940 US Census.  I wonder...if Chuck Norris ever did find Thomas MacEntee?

I'm still looking for my famous person in the 1940 Census. I choose Freddie Letuli. Here's a link to that post. My grandfather William Kalehuawehe knew and worked with Freddie Letuli.  I did manage to obtain the photograph with Freddie standing with my Grandpa William Kalehuawehe.
Photo credit: Letuli, Patricia. "The Silver Screen." Flaming Sword of Samoa: The Story of the Fire Knife Dance. Honolulu, HI: Watermark Pub., 2004. 1-112. Print.  

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Talofa lava!


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