20 April 2012

Indexing results for the State of Hawaii

I’ve been indexing the State of Hawaii. My latest batch review was 98%.

This batch of names I indexed for Honolulu, Oahu these are the noted errors:

-Surname looked like Pahoa to me (name a bit scribbly), arbitrator selected Pahua.
-Given name looked like Masaya (tail at the end letter? looks like an a), arbitrator selected Masaye.
-Given name I spelled Tomikachi, arbitrator selected Tomihachi. Yeah, I think it was an, “h”.
-Place of birth, I put Hawaii, arbitrator selected Japan. Oooppps. It was Japan.
-Given name I spelled RoseMarie. I looked back at census the names looked together with no space. Arbitrator selected Rose Marie.

Oh well...a few dings. Not bad. Already downloaded more batches for Hawaii.
So glad that an arbitrator checks my work. Indexing is so exciting!!  Help index.

In the batches that I have indexed I’ve come across these different names Japanese, Chinese, Caucasian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Russian, Portugal, and Italian.

My first downloaded batches were from the Big Island now the latest batches I’ve downloaded were from Honolulu, Oahu. I can’t wait till Maui gets indexed next!
Hawaii is 20% indexed so far.


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  1. I feel for whomever gets Pearl Harbor to index, with all those ships. Going be be lots of typing, I bet.

  2. Oh yes, I agree. So far I've haven't had a batch with Pearl Harbor yet.