25 May 2012

Celebrating Samoan Language

"The goal of Samoan Language Week, (SLW) USA is to advance the teaching, learning, restoration & preservation of the Samoan language in the United States. Participating partners of SLW USA, aim to raise awareness of the Samoan language as an endangered indigenous language of a United States territory, (American Samoa) and to proactively participate in building the linguistic use of the Samoan language. "

“Samoan Language Week was first promoted by Radio Niu FM as part of a series of Pacific language weeks leading up to Māori Language Week. Since 2007 it has been promoted in schools by the Association for the Teaching of Samoa in Aotearoa, FAGASA Inc , Faalapotopotonga mo le Aoaoina o le Gagana Samoa i Aotearoa.”, according to the Human Rights Commission website. Sämoan language week is now celebrated in New Zealand, Australia, USA and in  Sämoan communities across the world. This year Samoan Language Week is May 27 - June 2. If your'e in the USA it is June 1 - 7.

Theme for this year is “O le Vāfealoa’i” “Strong and Respectful Relationships” 

Here some links to keep updated on the events:

Samoan Language Week  Facebook Page
Human Rights Commission Site

Speak Samoan!!
Learn to speak Samoan online!
Samoan phrases

Tofa Soifua!

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