20 May 2012

Join a Facebook Research Community

In May 2011 FamilySearch created Genealogy Research Communities (GRC) where people can get help with their genealogy questions. There are more then 100 online communities that volunteers help facilitate. Each area has one or more that act as an administrator. 

I am excited about these communities. Having another member on the team for genealogy is a great support. I've visited other GRC's not listed below and they are great at answering questions in a timely manner, awesome information links and great pics. It's a great place to seek help in the research our aiga. Some of the GRC's we are friends with on Facebook are: 

Samoan (Western) Genealogy Research 

Amercian Samoan Genealogy Research

Tonga Genealogy Research

New Zealand Genealogy Research

Take a look at these communities. Add them to your Facebook page. Interact in converstaions. Ask questions Share links and information. What helps you in your research can help someone else.
To learn more about the GRC communities click here.

To volunteer or join a Genealogy Research Community click

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