11 May 2012

Samoan Oral Genealogies

The last time I heard a recording of my grandma reciting her genealogy was from an old tape cassette that my cousin had. I only heard it once. When I think of that time I really wish I made a copy. 
To my surprise yesterday I found on the FamilySearch Community Trees website an oral interview of my grandma reciting her genealogy. Oh Man!!!! I was so excited!! My parents and I listened to grandma's voice as she spoke her family history. Afterwards I sent the website to my Uncle Pat (who also does genealogy) then to  my brother and sister. 

 Mataniu Apiolefaga Tuia Fonoimoana

My grandma took some time out of her day for this interview. I'm so happy she did. Take a few minutes out of your day and spend time with your parents, grandparents, uncles or aunties. Record their family histories on your cell phone, video camera, tape recorder or even a pen and paper. Learning our family history is learning who we are.

'O le fogava'a e tasi, One family.

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