04 May 2012

Sharpen Them Indexing Skills!!!

I’ve been indexing the State of Hawai’i. I sent my batches in this morning reading to download some more batches and there were no more for Hawai’i. Yay! On the familysearch.org website Hawai’i is 89% indexed!! So exciting to see that. Now, I am off to help index another State.

In my last few batches of indexing the Hawai’i Census I had some questions. I was grateful for the tabs on the indexing screens: Field help, Quality Checker, Project Information and Image Navigation. I used these to help me answer my questions. I was able to move on and finish up on the batches. They helped me sharpen my skills so that when I came across the same question again I was able to overcome it and move on.

Other helps to sharpen your skills can be found on the 1940 US Census website:

    Resource page of the project website  https://the1940census.com/resources  there are articles and online resources here.

   Webnairs https://the1940census.com/training-webnairs you can join a webnair here and if you miss one they will soon be posting recordings so you can watch it later on.

   Training videos https://the1940census.com/video-training/ these are great videos to watch.

Come and join in on the indexing https://the1940census.com/.

As part of the1940census.com ambassador program this blog enters me into a drawing for $100 Amazon gift card. 

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