13 May 2012

Title Paramount King Fonoti

I recently came across this website created by Christian Teoteo Fonoti Brown. I haven't browsed the site yet because my eye caught the first words on the page. 

"There are 442 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Tuimanu`a Alexander Brown in 1810. The most recent event is the death of Hon Teoteo Asiasi`au Tiatia Sauso`o Fonoti Brown in 2003." 

I've been viewing this name list. When you click on a name in the list, up pops a family tree. Off to the left is a description of the person that is at the top of the tree. Any name in blue you can click on and view them in a family tree. 
By clicking on the small gray box next to a name you see the relationship summary of that individual.
First name searches use the Name Index.
Last name searches use the Last Name Search.

I haven't browsed the whole site yet.  When I saw my family names in the name list. I wanted to share this website as soon as possible so you could know about it and maybe find some information on this site that will help you further in your genealogy.

Take a look and browse what else is on the site that interests you and share what you found. You can share your findings by commenting below or on the Samoan Genealogy Group Facebook page. Don't forget to visit us on Pinterest!! 

Some of my family names I saw on the name list:
Tuia'ana Faumuina
Tuitonga Puipuifatu
Tuia'ana Taimalelagi
Painu'ulasi Tui-Manu'a Ali'atama
King of Tuitonga Tonga
Fenunuivao Leutele

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