28 June 2012

1940 US Census for American Samoa

I've already been searching the 1940 US Census for American Samoa looking for my families. I've found extended families members, still not finding what I'm looking for. More searching to go.

Meanwhile, if you haven't viewed the 1940 US Census for American Samoa, below are links to the counties.

I'd love to hear your findings or what you are searching for in the 1940 US Census. Post your comments below or on the SGG Facebook page.

1940 US Census American Samoa link to FamilySearch.

Eastern District of Tutuila
Ituau County

 2-1 Ituau County, Fagasa Village, Faganeanea Village, Matuu Village, Nuuuli Village

Mauputasi County
Mauputasi County, Atuu, Marist School for Boys

Saole County
2-6 Saole County, Alofau Village, Amouli Village, Aunuu Island including Aunuu Village, Utumea Village

Vaifanua County
2-8 Vaifanua County, Alao Village, Aoa Village, Onenoa Village, Pola Island, Tula Village, Vatia Village

Mauputasi County
2-2 Mauputasi County, Anua Village, Atuu Village including Catholic School for Girls, Aua Village, Fagaalu Village, Fagatogo Village including Samoan Hospital, Fatumafuti Village, Leloaloa Village, Lepua Village including Catholic School for Girls, Pago Pago Village, Satala Village, Utulei Village

Mauputasi County, U.S. Naval Reservation
2-4 Mauputasi County, U.S. Naval Reservation including Naval Ships in Harbor, Naval Radio Station
2-5 Mauputasi County, U.S. Naval Reservation, Island Government Prison

Sua County
2-7 Sua County, Afono Village, Amaua Village, Bartlett Island, Fagaitua Village, Laulii Village, Masausi Village, Masefau Village, Sailele Village

Faleasao County, Faleasao
1-1 Faleasao County, Faleasao Village

Fitiuta County
1-2 Fitiuta County, Leusoalii Village, Maia Village

Ofu County
1-3 Ofu County, Nuu Island, Nuu Silaelae Island, Ofu Village

Olosega County
1-4 Olosega County, Olosega Village, Sili Village

Tau County
1-5 Tau County, Amouli Village, Luma Village, Siufaga Village

Swains Island
5-1 Swains Island

Western District of Tutuila
Lealataua County
3-1 Lealataua County, Afao Village, Amaluia Village, Amanave Village, Asili Village, Atauloma Village, Fagalii Village, Fagamalo Village, Failolo Village, Leone Village including Catholic School for Girls and Marist School for Boys, London Missionary Society School for Boys - Fagalele Land, Nua Village, Poloa Village, Seetaga Village, Taputapu Island

Lealataua County, Atauloma
3-2 Lealataua County, Atauloma Village, London Missionary Society School for Girls

Leasina County
3-3 Leasina County, Aitulagi Village, Aoloau Village, Asu Village

Tualatai County
3-4 Tualatai County, Feleti School for Boys - Le'Ala Land, Futiga Village, Ituau Village, Taputimu Village, Vailoatai Village

Tualauta County
3-5 Tualauta County, Faleniu Village, Iliili Village, Mapusaga Village, Pavaiai Village, Tafuna Village, Vaitogi Village

Tualauta County, Mapusaga, Mormon School
3-6 Tualauta County, Mapusaga Village, Mormon School

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