18 July 2012

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

If you haven't visited the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (NZETC) website yet. It's a great site to access Samoan books, images and more.

 I found out about this website from my dad. He was looking for the book, "Genealogy of the Kings of Samoa". He was so excited to find this book on NZETC. We both have been hooked on this site ever since. 

From their website"The , New Zealand Electronic Text Centre collections provide open access to significant New Zealand and Pacific Island texts and materials.
This encompasses both digitised heritage material and born-digital resources. The collections contain over 2,600 texts (around 65,000 pages) which are made available in several formats and, where possible, under a Creative Commons license.
The NZETC was created in 2002 as part of the School of English at Victoria University of Wellington. In 2004 the NZETC became part of the Library at Victoria University working on a range of digital initiatives alongside the Digital Services team who managed the library management system, web presence, intranet and specialist application support. In 2010 a new Library Technology Services team was established which took on strategic and operational responsibilities for all Library technology services and projects including the NZETC collections."
To celebrate the Samoan Independence day they added 8 new texts in the Tidal Pools Pacific collection. 
  * The Samoan Massacre: December 28th, 1929
 The Truth About Samoa by Olaf Frederick Nelson
 Samoa at Geneva : Misleading the League of Nations : A Commentary on the Proceedings    of the Permanent Mandates Commission at its Thirteenth Session held at Geneva in June, 1928 by Olaf Frederick Nelson  
  The Revolt of the Samoans by Henry Edmund Holland
 Samoa: A Story That Teems With Tragedy by Henry Edmund Holland
 Dictionnaire Samoa-Francais-Anglais et Francais-Samoa-anglais : precede d'une grammaire de la langue samoa by Louis Violette
  A Cruise In The Islands: Tonga, Samoa, Fiji by Thomas William Whitson
 Specimens of Native Paper from Tongo [sic] and Fiji by Reverend John Hunt

I think site is awesome! It's a great resource for Samoan Genealogy. I was surprised what I found on this site. It's helped me in my genealogy research. 

Check out the NZETC blog.

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