15 August 2012

Let's share genealogy

In a past post I talked about our Tupua Mailei Tuia reunion and that prior to the reunion the family asked not to share the genealogy to keep it in the family.

When I first started my genealogy this is what I’ve been told by my grandma and dad why some Samoan’s may not share their genealogy.

-The land in Samoa is owned by genealogical rights. People try to get land from another family by disputing the genealogy.
-Obtaining a Matai Title. The Matai system is the traditional Samoan way of over seeing the family, village and country. These are the head of families that make up the village. Both male and females can have hold a matai title.

There are probably tons of other reasons and this topic could be a long drawn out discussion but I’m going to keep this short. Your more then welcome to research this topic more in depth. I’m no expert in the Fa’a Samoa way.

My dad taught us what he loved most of the Fa'a Samoa way (Samoan culture) and that is the great love for the aiga (family). He wanted us to know who we are, who we come from, who are the ancestors that we are named after.

 I still have a lot to complete in my family lines but getting the information has been a little hard. Some of my family will share genealogy, some not. Since I live in the US, records I'd like to access are in American Samoa, Samoa and New Zealand. Meanwhile, the resources that I find and use I want to share and post it so it helps others who are doing their Samoan Genealogy.

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