22 August 2012

Royal Ark Website

I recently shared the Royal Ark website on the Samoan Genealogy Group Facebook page. This is another website that my dad found in 2005 searching  for Tongan and Samoan Royal lines intermarrying. This site does not have a Samoa section on the Royal lines but you can find Tonga, Hawaii and Tahiti.

Scroll down the page a bit and you will see yellow boxes.

Christopher Buyers maintains this website, from the Royal Ark Website: "Welcome to the Royal Ark. The web's most comprehensive site on the genealogies of the Royal and ruling houses of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

These pages have been designed with the aim of recording, and increasing knowledge about, the genealogies of the current and former ruling families of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Unlike their European counterparts, genealogical information on these families is sparse and inadequate. This is the case, even though many of the dynasties are more ancient than most of the European dynasties that are so amply covered in genealogical works. I hope you will find that this small attempt to redress the balance contributes to your knowledge and enjoyment and makes a small contribution towards historical knowledge.

Many of the ruling families, particularly those of the princely families of India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Burma, have ceased to rule or have been prohibited from playing officially recognised roles in national life. It is therefore, imperative that their stories be recorded for posterity, before they are forgotten to history's memory.

With a work of this size, mistakes and errors are inevitable. For this, I apologise in advance most profusely. I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who visits this site and who may have corrections or suggestions for improvement."

My dad studied the Tonga Royal lines for months on this site. Hint: Read the Brief History first!! Don't skip it like my dad did, he only had to go back to read it. Hahahaha!

I'd love to hear what you've found on here that helps you in your research.

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