06 August 2012

Update on Tuia Family Reunion August 2012

I missed out in attending a Tuia Family Reunion this past August 2-4 in Utah. I understand lots of family came from Samoa. Here is an update of the reunion.

This reunion was for the descendants of Tupua Mailei Tuia (born 1825).  Genealogy was the focus of the reunion. The family was asked to memorize and recite four generations of their line starting with themselves. Huummmm?? Can you recite your 4 generations?

Here is a pic of a genealogy session. The families were to write their genealogy on the large sheets you see in picture below. Look at all them names!!
 The families were invited to bring their genealogy records for collaboration.

The genealogy of Tupua's line I got from grandma Mataniu's genealogy records. My grandmother did a lot of Samoan LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) temple work and all of the genealogy hooked to the temple work is found online at FamilySearch.org. The temple work is found on NewFamilySearch.org.

In the 1970's my grandma participated in an oral genealogy interview and recited her genealogy at the Family History Library is Salt Lake City, Utah it was recorded on open-reel tapes, this interview and other Samoans who recited their family history are available online.

Here is the Genealogy of Tupua Mailei Tuia.
Tupua Mailei Tuia had 5 wives:

1. Tufaiga
Children: f) Toipua 1865

2. Kuea
Children: f) Sisifata 1867

3. Mrs. Mailei Tuia
Children: m) Limaono 1869

4. Vaimasina Fetuliagogo Muagututia
Children: m) Alaia Siaea 1869-1927
f) Sivaotele 1871-1919
m) Siaifoi 1873
m) Toetoe 1875-1878
f) Silei 1877-1903
*m) Apiolefaga 17 Oct 1879-15 Mar 1938
m) Apiolesau 1881-1902
f) Matalega 1883-25 Nov 1965
f) Fuamoa 1885-1918
m) Samu 1887-1918

5. Toaiga
Children: m) 1889 Asini Vito

I come from wife number four, Vaimasina Fetuliagogo Muagututia. Her son Apiolefaga md Salafai Taimalelagi Malietoa and had my grandmother Mataniu Tuia.

Here are more pics of the reunion

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