20 September 2012

Million Short: A Different Kind Of Search Engine.

Back in January of this year I blogged about a family member that shared with me a website that cut her time down in half for researching her Polynesian genealogy online. Since then I've used this website called 'Genealogy In Time Magazine' website I've had some good hits on family genealogy.  Now they have a new search engine called Million Short its designed to search for less popular items online. 

Here are words from their website that tell more about the new search engine
"Now there is a third way to perform searches on the internet for your ancestors. It is called Million Short. It is a search engine that specializes in searching less-common websites. Million Short is ideal for anyone looking for ancestral records because archived ancestral records are often found in the obscure corners of the internet.

The name Million Short derives from the fact that this search engine basically ignores the 1 million most popular websites on the internet. Instead, it focuses on less-common websites. Basically, it specializes in what are known as long-tail searches, which focusses on the obscure and the uncommon. Many genealogy records are obscure.

Most estimates suggest there are over 100 million websites on the internet and some estimates place the number at over 200 million websites. Traffic on the internet, however, is not evenly distributed. The internet is very much a popularity contest. The top 1 million websites account for the vast lion’s share of traffic on the internet. Google search results focus on the most popular results from the most popular websites (this is the basis of the famous Google PageRank algorithm that helped make Google the most popular search engine). Thus, Google results tend to be clustered around the one million most popular websites. 

Entering a query into A Million Short is just the same as entering a query into a Google search engine or the Genealogy Search Engine. You simply enter ancestral queries as described in our various search articles devoted to genealogy, such as A Guide to Performing Online Genealogy Searches - see the complete list under Genealogy Articles). You don’t even need to remove the top 1 million websites from your search results at a Million Short. A drop-down list gives you the option of removing the top 1 million, top 100k, 10k, 1000 or even just the top 100 websites. You also have the option of not removing any websites at all from the search results."

Here is the link to the A Million Short Search Engine

Under manage settings you  can also put on an adult filter, my included sites, my excluded sites, your favorite sites and country. 

This site is great for even Samoan Genealogy researching. So try it out! I'd love to hear the results you got back. If it worked for you or didn't.

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