07 September 2012

Share the GOLD!!

Yesterday my uncle and auntie were in town and stopped by to visit me. It has been awhile since I last seen them. They had been living in Samoa for over a year and now back in the United States.

Genealogy came into the conversation. I shared some of my genealogy opportunities with them. They were happy that I have such a great love for genealogy.

In the conversation we talked about how the older generation has a hard time letting go the genealogy. My uncle said, “Genealogy to them (the older generation) is precious. Genealogy to them is gold. They treat it like gold, because it’s theirs.”

I thought about his words, “Genealogy to them is gold....because it's theirs.”

It’s not unusual for me to come across Samoans (younger generation) who have living parents or relatives that will not share family genealogy. So, they (younger generation) try it out on their own and go online, post inquires and search genealogy databases hoping to find something on their family history.

For myself  at times my relatives don't take me serious as the older folks say to me, "You're to young to know dear."

I do genealogy cause I want to know who I am and where I come from that I may pass on what I know to future generations so they don't have to guess.

I just hope that our older generation who has the genealogy will have soften hearts and share what precious knowledge they have with the younger generations.

That sharing what they know with us (younger generation) will only make that GOLD even more precious.

Share the GOLD!!

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