24 October 2012

Family History Month - Augustin Kramer Samoa Islands

For this month of Family History Month I wanted to share a book that has helped me out in my research. I wrote about it back in 2012 its called, "The Samoan Islands Vol I and II" by Dr. Augustin Kramer.
Volume I contains Samoan genealogies, this is the same book that my grandma referred too. Her copy was thick. One page was written in German and the other page was in Samoan. She had tons of notes written in the columns of family names and translation words. I inherited my copy of the Kramer book from my dad. He bought his copy from Ati's Print Shop back in 2008. I don't know if the contact information if correct today, but check out the link and see if it does.
 I have found some Kramer books online but they are really expensive. So, far all I have found online a free version on Google ebook. If anyone knows where to purchase a Samoa Islands Book Vol I. Could you please post it comments below or on the SGG Facebook page. I get a lot of requests on how to obtain this book.

I'd like to hear what books you use that help in your Samoan research.

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