05 October 2012

Family History Month - Duck Duck Go

Since October is Family History Month I wanted to celebrate in my own way by sharing in posts this month websites and search engines that have helped in my Samoan research. I may have shared these before so don't be surprised if you see a repeat.

Duck Duck Go is a search engine that I've used and found some great Samoan information on. The first thing I like about it is no distractions - all you see is the logo, the search box just input your search and you get results. I get less spam, less clutter and my results are too bad.

Check out this video that talks a little more Duck Duck Go and visit this link to search operators and tips for Duck Duck Go

I hope this helps out in your Samoan searches. I'd love to hear how this search engine helped or didn't help you.

Fa'afetai, SGG

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