31 October 2012

Samoan Superstitions ~ Happy Halloween

Halloween Memories

After trick-or-treating  my cousins and I would gather in grandma's living room where our parents were waiting to check our candy bags. My dad always took my candy corns. Yuck! I never really liked those anyway. We would sit in a circle eating our candies while we told scary stories and superstitions that we heard from our friends and families.

Here are a few that I remember:

 If you dream about your teeth falling out, someone you know is gonna die.

If someone dies in your village or town. They also die in three's.

You shouldn't comb your hair in front of a mirror at night. You'll see a ghost looking back at you.

When you sneeze it means someone is thinking of you.

You should never whistle or make lots of noise at night or around graves; doing so will upset a ghost.

Whistling in your house [especially at night] is supposed to draw evil spirits and bad luck to the house.

Females should never let their hair down at night and in certain spots lest they incur the wrath of some jealous ghost.

Cover your mirrors at night they said the dead can see you through the mirrors.

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