15 December 2012

Sorting Saturday-Banker Boxes, Old emails

I love cardboard banker boxes! I store all my genealogy in them. One especially is not as organized as I would like it. It's like my "Put it in there somewhere box." Hahahaha!!! I want to start the new year out fresh and organized so I decided to tackle this box!!
I knew it! Stuff is all in this box that isn't genealogy. Aaahhh! I got my piles all set up and how I am going to organize this. I came across some 1999 emails from a Samoan man that has the same last name as me (Fonoimoaona). My dad and I were happy to email this man, Fonoimoana and talk genealogy. He was so surprised that we had the same last name. He even thought he was the only one in the world with the name Fonoimoana. We shared genealogies but could not find a common ancestor. We shared family stories but still could not find a connection. My dad spoke with this brothers and sisters about this man Fonoimoana and his genealogy. Still no connection.
We then moved and lost contact with this man Fonoimoana. Huummmm, I'm thinking of rekindling this. I'll have to write this down in my 2013 Goals.
Off to finish this box!

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