31 January 2012

Why did he write them all down???

I’m going through some of my dad’s genealogy work on his Samoan line. I came across two notebooks of Samoan family names. I thought, “Why did my dad write all these names
down?" Some names are familiar to me and some are not. I asked my dad about these notebooks, he doesn't remember why he wrote those names down and he never kept a journal of his daily genealogy work. Man! I wish he did!!! Now, I have these two notebooks and I am guessing and wondering?????
When I started doing genealogy I never really kept a journal of what I did that day of family history. I would just jot notes on my charts, note pads and anything I could find to write on.
So, I decided to start a genealogy journal. Not only to organize my little notes but that if any one were to come behind me they would know where I was at in my research.  This journal would include everything that I did on my family history for that day. I simply created a computer folder entitled “My Samoan Genealogy Journal” typed in the days date and a main topic for my entry and that was it. My dad has done much genealogy and I wish he kept a genealogy journal of his day to day work.
If you haven’t done already I hope that you would take the time and start a “Genealogy Journal” of your trek as you do your family history.
It can be as simple as mine. Other options are journal free ware, downloads, even apps on your phone. Your journal entry does not have to be to long, even if you just share highlights...it’s something...better then nothing.

21 January 2012

18 January 2012

Arizona Family History Expo 2012

Tatou Ó! Let’s all go!
The Samoan Genealogy Group is heading to the Arizona Family History Expo January 20 and 21, 2012. This expo is a great introduction for Samoans starting your genealogy. Learn about digital imagining, organizing a family history book, DNA, Familysearch online and much more.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City will have free book scanning. Here’s how it works:
Sign-up and reserve your time for your book to be scanned (300 page limit)
If your book is copyrighted, print out and have the copyright holder sign the permission form in order for scanning to be performed
Bring your book and signed permission form to the FamilySearch Scanning booth at the Expo on the day of your reservation. Please drop the book off before 10:00 am, if possible, to allow maximum time for scanning
Pick up your book and the digital copy on a flash drive provided by FamilySearch at the end of the day.

Eh, no forget da books for scan!!!

Visit the Family History Expo to learn more.

Fa'amuamua lou Aiga - Always put your family first

17 January 2012

RootsTech Conference

The RootsTech conference is all about bringing technologists and genealogists together that they can learn from each other and help with challenges and find solutions in family history research.
You might be thinking, what does this have to do with Samoan genealogy?
Well, What do I know about the cloud and how can it help me to store my genealogy data? How do I use the Internet effectively to look for Samoan records and information? How do I create a web site to share my genealogy with others when I have no programming background?

Learn the latest techniques using Cloud computing, mobile apps, Geo-mapping, social networking, software development skills, on hands workshops, interactive classes and more.

If you want to learn from the heavy hitters in tech and genealogy make your way to this conference!
I am so EXCITED to attend!!!
See you there!!!

13 January 2012

My finds on Genealogy In Time website

On my last blog post I shared a site a family member gave me to check out called Genealogy In Time. My first find on the site was an Oral Genealogy interview that my Grandma Mataniu Fonoimoana participated in August 27, 1976 for the Salt Lake City Genealogy Project. She was interviewed by Molimau Tupa'i and is reciting the genealogy on her father's side. This interview seems to be a continuation of tape 3. Looks like I will be hunting for that one and the other interviews.
I did not know my Grandma even participated in this interview. It's an awesome find for me!!! I'm really excited!! As I looked over the interview, I see a name that hooks into my Tongan genealogy Pisila Ula Tuitoga. I actually just finished  a chart for my Tongan genealogy. I'm now at my 15th Great Grandpa who is Tanekinga'otonga. My Grandmother Mataniu kept records of her Tonga line and I'm excited to extend this chart.
Anyhow, I'm going to keep looking on this site Genealogy in Time see what else I can find. Please post and share what you find on this site.

Here is the link to the Genealogy In Time website
Here is the link of the Oral Genealogy Interview by my Grandmother Mataniu Fonoimoana

12 January 2012

Genealogy In Time Website

A family member recently suggested a website for me to check out "Genealogy In Time". It's not quite bad. I've put in some of my Samoan names and have gotten some websites that I have never seen before with information for my genelaogy. Also they have a Genealogy in Time toolbar which I've used and it is cool!!!
Works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the genealogy toolbar provides:

-Direct access to a powerful genealogy search engine that searches free records on over
500 genealogy websites.
-Listings of the newest genealogy records on the internet.
-An innovative and unique genealogy blog feed. It picks up real-time postings from hundreds of popular genealogy bolgs from around the world.
-Links to website resources and major government websites containing free ancestral records.
-Access to Google gmail
-A button for Twitter users
-A meter with website statistics.

I tried this toolbar out and.....Man! It cut down some hours just searching on Google. Their are many other awesome things about this site like a whole page of Resources that list many different Search Engines like: New Genealogy Records, Family Tree, Rare Book, Genealogy twitter and tons more.
Totally cuts down my time on Google. I don't have to thumb through other sites that have nothing to do with my search.   Tons more awesome stuff on here that you gotta check it out. So give it a try and send your comments below.
Fa'afetai lava!

Genealogy In Time Website

09 January 2012

First Four Generations

To find my First Four Generations I tried to remember as much as I could of my ancestors. Then I asked my dad for help putting together the generations. With his help and my grandma's genealogy records I now have my first four generations.
In my Great Grandparents generation the birth dates and birth places vary. I may show this in a future post. Their are quite a few of submitters on these lines. So it's hard for me to establish the real date and place.
So, I still have some ways to go but at least I have my First Four Generations.

When starting your genealogy use these easy tips:
1. Start with yourself and work your way back
2. Write down what you can remember
3. GO ask a family member for help to fill in the blanks.
    They may have even done some research. Ask.
4. See what kind of records you have at home
5. Use a genealogy site to search for information.

If man cares not for his roots, then how can he care for his branches.
Doyle M. Davis