30 May 2012

The Museum of Samoa

I'm excited about this one!

A great way to kick off Samoan Language week is the launch of The Museum of Samoa website. This happened on Friday May 25th. From their website, "The Museum of Samoa contains a striking collection of artifacts and historical images pertaining to Samoa's rich living culture and its dynamic history. The collection is a reflection of the fa'aSamoa, its history and its tropical environment. It also displays some of the Pacific Islands artifacts and depicts the Pacific islands' similar cultures. The museum also houses 3,000 year old pottery and stone adze discovered in Samoa."

Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, said the step is a major milestone. "I would like to congratulate you with this important initiative to improve your service throughout Samoa, the Pacific and the world,"

The museum also houses 3,000 year old pottery and stone adze discovered in Samoa. Admission is free.

The Museum collection is a reflection of the fa’aSamoa, its history and its tropical environment.

The Museum of Samoa

25 May 2012

Celebrating Samoan Language

"The goal of Samoan Language Week, (SLW) USA is to advance the teaching, learning, restoration & preservation of the Samoan language in the United States. Participating partners of SLW USA, aim to raise awareness of the Samoan language as an endangered indigenous language of a United States territory, (American Samoa) and to proactively participate in building the linguistic use of the Samoan language. "

“Samoan Language Week was first promoted by Radio Niu FM as part of a series of Pacific language weeks leading up to Māori Language Week. Since 2007 it has been promoted in schools by the Association for the Teaching of Samoa in Aotearoa, FAGASA Inc , Faalapotopotonga mo le Aoaoina o le Gagana Samoa i Aotearoa.”, according to the Human Rights Commission website. Sämoan language week is now celebrated in New Zealand, Australia, USA and in  Sämoan communities across the world. This year Samoan Language Week is May 27 - June 2. If your'e in the USA it is June 1 - 7.

Theme for this year is “O le Vāfealoa’i” “Strong and Respectful Relationships” 

Here some links to keep updated on the events:

Samoan Language Week  Facebook Page
Human Rights Commission Site

Speak Samoan!!
Learn to speak Samoan online!
Samoan phrases

Tofa Soifua!

20 May 2012

Join a Facebook Research Community

In May 2011 FamilySearch created Genealogy Research Communities (GRC) where people can get help with their genealogy questions. There are more then 100 online communities that volunteers help facilitate. Each area has one or more that act as an administrator. 

I am excited about these communities. Having another member on the team for genealogy is a great support. I've visited other GRC's not listed below and they are great at answering questions in a timely manner, awesome information links and great pics. It's a great place to seek help in the research our aiga. Some of the GRC's we are friends with on Facebook are: 

Samoan (Western) Genealogy Research 

Amercian Samoan Genealogy Research

Tonga Genealogy Research

New Zealand Genealogy Research

Take a look at these communities. Add them to your Facebook page. Interact in converstaions. Ask questions Share links and information. What helps you in your research can help someone else.
To learn more about the GRC communities click here.

To volunteer or join a Genealogy Research Community click

13 May 2012

Title Paramount King Fonoti

I recently came across this website created by Christian Teoteo Fonoti Brown. I haven't browsed the site yet because my eye caught the first words on the page. 

"There are 442 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Tuimanu`a Alexander Brown in 1810. The most recent event is the death of Hon Teoteo Asiasi`au Tiatia Sauso`o Fonoti Brown in 2003." 

I've been viewing this name list. When you click on a name in the list, up pops a family tree. Off to the left is a description of the person that is at the top of the tree. Any name in blue you can click on and view them in a family tree. 
By clicking on the small gray box next to a name you see the relationship summary of that individual.
First name searches use the Name Index.
Last name searches use the Last Name Search.

I haven't browsed the whole site yet.  When I saw my family names in the name list. I wanted to share this website as soon as possible so you could know about it and maybe find some information on this site that will help you further in your genealogy.

Take a look and browse what else is on the site that interests you and share what you found. You can share your findings by commenting below or on the Samoan Genealogy Group Facebook page. Don't forget to visit us on Pinterest!! 

Some of my family names I saw on the name list:
Tuia'ana Faumuina
Tuitonga Puipuifatu
Tuia'ana Taimalelagi
Painu'ulasi Tui-Manu'a Ali'atama
King of Tuitonga Tonga
Fenunuivao Leutele

11 May 2012

Samoan Oral Genealogies

The last time I heard a recording of my grandma reciting her genealogy was from an old tape cassette that my cousin had. I only heard it once. When I think of that time I really wish I made a copy. 
To my surprise yesterday I found on the FamilySearch Community Trees website an oral interview of my grandma reciting her genealogy. Oh Man!!!! I was so excited!! My parents and I listened to grandma's voice as she spoke her family history. Afterwards I sent the website to my Uncle Pat (who also does genealogy) then to  my brother and sister. 

 Mataniu Apiolefaga Tuia Fonoimoana

My grandma took some time out of her day for this interview. I'm so happy she did. Take a few minutes out of your day and spend time with your parents, grandparents, uncles or aunties. Record their family histories on your cell phone, video camera, tape recorder or even a pen and paper. Learning our family history is learning who we are.

'O le fogava'a e tasi, One family.

04 May 2012

Sharpen Them Indexing Skills!!!

I’ve been indexing the State of Hawai’i. I sent my batches in this morning reading to download some more batches and there were no more for Hawai’i. Yay! On the familysearch.org website Hawai’i is 89% indexed!! So exciting to see that. Now, I am off to help index another State.

In my last few batches of indexing the Hawai’i Census I had some questions. I was grateful for the tabs on the indexing screens: Field help, Quality Checker, Project Information and Image Navigation. I used these to help me answer my questions. I was able to move on and finish up on the batches. They helped me sharpen my skills so that when I came across the same question again I was able to overcome it and move on.

Other helps to sharpen your skills can be found on the 1940 US Census website:

    Resource page of the project website  https://the1940census.com/resources  there are articles and online resources here.

   Webnairs https://the1940census.com/training-webnairs you can join a webnair here and if you miss one they will soon be posting recordings so you can watch it later on.

   Training videos https://the1940census.com/video-training/ these are great videos to watch.

Come and join in on the indexing https://the1940census.com/.

As part of the1940census.com ambassador program this blog enters me into a drawing for $100 Amazon gift card.