30 July 2012

Auckland Libraries Launching Family History Month

This is going to be a great event! Auckland Libraries are launching Family History in an exciting way!!

Details of this event I got off the Kintalkfamilyhistoryblog. Auckland Libraries has a series of fabulous events across the region on a wide variety of topics nearly 50 events across 25 libraries - from Mahurangi in the North to Massey in the West and Pukekohe and Waiuku in the South! There is even an "overseas" visit to Waiheke Island.
Full details of the month can be reviewed hereand include links to the different events happening at the different libraries, speakers' profiles, and abstracts of the talks! These talks can be booked through the host library." 
This Family History event starts August 1st. 

Launching Family History Month - 3 events on one day 

To kick off this exciting month, Auckland Libraries has THREE events in one day at Central City Library in Lorne Street.

Brad Argent is going to be very busy in New Zealand - as he will be doing a few different events for both Auckland Libraries and the New Zealand Society of Genealogists in celebration of Family History Month.

s well as speaking on "Getting More from Ancestry " for us on Sunday, Aug 5, Brad will also be with us on Wednesday morning, along with other special guests
Brad Argent, Ancestry.com.au

11am, Wednesday 1 August
Whare Wānanga, opposite the Central Auckland Research Centre
L2, Central City Library, 44-46 Lorne Street, Auckland

To book your place, phone (09) 307 7771.

Genealogy in the Pacific Islands with Christine Liava’a

Wednesday 1 August, noon

Do you have ancestors, of any ethnicity, who lived or worked in the Pacific Islands? Polynesians, Melanesians, Europeans, Chinese, Indians, or other? Traders, Government officials, whalers, seamen, planters, soldiers, labourers?

Christine Liava’a, of the Pacific Islands Interests group, will speak on what sources for Pacific Island Genealogy are available and where to find them, particularly in Auckland.

To book your place, phone (09) 307 7771 or book online

WORKSHOP: Auckland Libraries’ Family History eResources with Seonaid Lewis
Wednesday 1 August, 2pm - 3pm

‘Akozone’ computer suite, Level 1
Central City Library, Lorne St

Oh Wow!! Isn't this awesome!! If I didn't live all the way in the United States and not tied down with other obligations, i'd totally be there!!! 
I would love to attend the event of Genealogy in the Pacific Islands with Christine Liava'a.  This whole event gives me chicken skin!! Hahaha!!

If anyone wouldn't mind sharing their experience at this event. I will be all ears!! Please comment below or on SGG Facebook page.

25 July 2012

18 July 2012

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

If you haven't visited the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (NZETC) website yet. It's a great site to access Samoan books, images and more.

 I found out about this website from my dad. He was looking for the book, "Genealogy of the Kings of Samoa". He was so excited to find this book on NZETC. We both have been hooked on this site ever since. 

From their website"The , New Zealand Electronic Text Centre collections provide open access to significant New Zealand and Pacific Island texts and materials.
This encompasses both digitised heritage material and born-digital resources. The collections contain over 2,600 texts (around 65,000 pages) which are made available in several formats and, where possible, under a Creative Commons license.
The NZETC was created in 2002 as part of the School of English at Victoria University of Wellington. In 2004 the NZETC became part of the Library at Victoria University working on a range of digital initiatives alongside the Digital Services team who managed the library management system, web presence, intranet and specialist application support. In 2010 a new Library Technology Services team was established which took on strategic and operational responsibilities for all Library technology services and projects including the NZETC collections."
To celebrate the Samoan Independence day they added 8 new texts in the Tidal Pools Pacific collection. 
  * The Samoan Massacre: December 28th, 1929
 The Truth About Samoa by Olaf Frederick Nelson
 Samoa at Geneva : Misleading the League of Nations : A Commentary on the Proceedings    of the Permanent Mandates Commission at its Thirteenth Session held at Geneva in June, 1928 by Olaf Frederick Nelson  
  The Revolt of the Samoans by Henry Edmund Holland
 Samoa: A Story That Teems With Tragedy by Henry Edmund Holland
 Dictionnaire Samoa-Francais-Anglais et Francais-Samoa-anglais : precede d'une grammaire de la langue samoa by Louis Violette
  A Cruise In The Islands: Tonga, Samoa, Fiji by Thomas William Whitson
 Specimens of Native Paper from Tongo [sic] and Fiji by Reverend John Hunt

I think site is awesome! It's a great resource for Samoan Genealogy. I was surprised what I found on this site. It's helped me in my genealogy research. 

Check out the NZETC blog.

1940 California US Census - Check for Samoan Aiga!

Do you have Samoan family that moved to California by 1940?
If so, view the 1940 US Census for California on Archives.com for free. My Samoan family moved to California a little later. I imagine some Samoans may have moved to California by 1940. If you have Samoan family that did. I'd love to hear the stories. Post below or on the SGG Facebook page.


11 July 2012

JC Beaglehole Room - Samoan Collections

The Victoria University of Wellington Library has a Samoan collection of Mary Boyd held in the JC Beaglehole Room. View the video below to learn more about the collections.


Learn more about the JC Beaglehole Room

Here are some other papers by Mary Boyd 

This is awesome! I'd love to view this collection! If anyone drops by to see this collection. I'd love to hear about your experience. Post in comments or on the SGG Facebook page.

06 July 2012

Follow Friday-FamilySearch.org

Follow Friday-FamilySearch.org

Samoan genealogy was handed down by word of mouth and is kept within the family. Genealogies also show relationships to royal lines and family titles. Families are reluctant to share their family history for fear that someone may use the genealogy to obtain land, titles and more.

I've been asked by others researching their Samoan ancestry, "Where do I go for information when my families are not willing to share genealogy? I don’t live in Samoa to search for records."

The most success I had in finding Samoan genealogies is on FamilySearch.org.  They are owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  and is a nonprofit family history organization dedicated to connecting families across generations. .Anyone can use this site, you don’t have to be a member of the LDS Church.

For starters on the main site, just plug in your family names in the search boxes and see what happens. Search Samoan names on 

Ancestral File the Pedigree Resource File and Community Trees.

The FamilySearch Library Catalog has a huge mircofilm collection of Samoa records ranging  from civil registration, church records, history and more. Family History Book is a digitized book collection from North American family history libraries. One of these libraries is Brigham Young University Hawaii. I've been to this library several times and found some great Samoan resources.

In the Historical Collections you can find Samoanbaptisms and burials. Oral Genealogies is my favorite collection its so awesome to hear Samoans reciting their genealogy.

Ancestral File
Pedigree Resource File
Community Trees
Family History Library Catalog: Samoa
Family History Books
Historical Collections
Oral Genealogies

I'd love to hear what other sites you are using to research your family history. Comment below or visit us on our Facebook page.

Fa'afetai lava