18 March 2013

View Rootstech 2013 Syllabus Online

Want a syllabus of Rootstech sessions?
A few days ago I was looking through which classes I'd like to attend I noticed that a syllabus for one class I was curious about was online to view in PDF or DOC. Other classes I viewed had syllabuses online as well.
Awesome!! What a great way to have heads up on each session!

Here is how I found them:
Click on Rootstech.org

click on the "Schedule" link in the left-hand sidebar, 

and then click on the "Main Schedule" link. You will see three days of sessions - Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Pick any day.

I was looking at Thursday and clicked on this session
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room 255D
Hands-on Workshop for IntermediatesTechniques for Successful SearchingFind and OrganizeAlan E. Mann
In orange, you will see the PDF and DOC links for the syllabus. Awesome!! So far, all the sessions I was interested in did have a syllabus. 

Now you know how to find them. Have a great time at Roostech 2013!! 

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