26 April 2013

Journal of the Polynesian Society

Have you visited JSTOR.org? I've used it and found some articles on Samoan culture. Though I haven't used this site in awhile. A post on Facebook from the American Samoa Genealogy Facebook  Page posted an article, "The War Of Tonga And Samoa And The Orgin Of The Name Malietoa."
It's an interesting article, also since the Malietoa name appears in my 6th generation that brought me back to thinking that I need to revisit this site again.

Here's what JSTOR is all about.

I put a "Samoa" search in and got over 1,000 results. To narrow down your search you may want to try an advanced search. 

You can also choose a "Browse" search. I clicked on it and got this. Wow! That starting from 1892 the list goes longer. I just couldn't fit it all in.

I wonder what kind of links they have? 

If you want to download an article some do have a cost, some are free. I tried to view an article and got this,

Take some time and visit JSTOR.org. you may find something that could help your Samoan research along.

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