15 April 2013

The Beginning of SGG.

I've had a few questions and emails about how the Samoan Genealogy Group started. 
One day my grandma Mataniu showed me her ledger books all filled with Samoan family names and genealogy. She began to tell me her experiences in how she got these names. Ever since then I have been hooked on genealogy. My grandma and my parents were my first teachers. They've been doing their own genealogy research for years. They were excited that I got the genealogy bug.

I studied my grandma’s records, asked her questions, listened to her stories.  I did the same thing with my parents studied their records, asked questions and listened to their stories. 

I live in the United States right now. I am unable to travel to Samoa and other pacific islands to get genealogy information so I turn to the internet, order microfilm, seek out books, phone calling,  libraries, archives, travel to family history centers and talk to Samoans about their family genealogy.
I wanted to collaborate with others doing Samoan genealogy and share stories, experiences and resources that support Samoan genealogy research so the Samoan Genealogy Group was created.

I do have other daily/weekly tasks. I try to post a blog weekly if my tasks aren't to demanding. This is probably going to be one of the longest blogs I’ll write. I like to keep my blogs short and to the point. I know that you folks don’t have all day to read a long blog, you got stuff to do too. 

 Now, I know I am not the best blog writer. My punctuation may not be correct nor my grammar.  But I do have a great love for my Samoan heritage and for genealogy.  

Thank you for visiting this blog and my other sites SGG Facebook page, SGG  Twitter and the SGG Pinterest.

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