11 May 2013

FamilySearch Wiki- American and Western Samoa

Did you know that FamilySearch Wiki has some great resources for Samoan Genealogy? I've come back to this site several times finding great resources. FamilySearch Wiki shares links, record collections and information helping you in your genealogy research. You can find  FamilySearchWiki on the FamilySearch.org.

Click on "Search" then "Historical Records"

Click on, "Wiki"

Type in the search box, "Samoa". You can also type in "American Samoa or Western Samoa".

I usually select "Samoa (Western and  American)" there are other results that you can choose.

So , here's The Samoa (Western and American) page.

Scrolling down a bit you see the contents of the page.

Today I'm looking at #4 Resources available. I wanted to re-look at the microfilms they have on this page before I head over to the Family History Library Catalog to search for a microfilm I plan on ordering soon in hopes to find a birth record for my great grandfather Opapo. It is estimated that he was born sometime between 1852-1868 in Samoa. Finding a birth record in that time frame I've been told is impossible. With all the wars happening between the Samoans and outside influences of other countries trying to gain control of Samoa. The only chances I would have getting an actual date is family genealogy, journals and church records. I'm going to check out the rest of the microfilm selection at FHC has for Samoa.

Scroll down the rest of the American and Western Samoa page. There is much more to see.

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