20 June 2013

The Samoan Tatau

When I first created a Pinterest profile for the Samoan Genealogy Group I wondered if I should post a board for Samoan Tatau (Tattoo).  I don't know the history and meaning of the Tatau even though I do have family and friends who do have a Tatau. I've watched video's and read people's experiences and feelings as they express their reasons for getting a Samoan Tatau.

 I came across a great article on One Samoana written by hamogeekgirl called The Truth about the Samoan Tattoo (Tatau) part one. Here is part two. I have a better understanding of the Samoan Tatau. I can't wait for part three. It's a good read.

Men's Samoan Tatau called Malofie.

Women's Samoan Tatau called Malu.

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